Preliminary analysis and evaluation will be done in a very short time by Doctor Tayfun Oguzoglu (Free).


We analyze your hair with special hair transplantation program and define the number, frequency and thickness of hair in the donor section and your donor capacity. We specify how much hair you need for your hairless zones and scientifically plan your hair transplantation. The Manual FUE is the first FUE technique which is done completely manually. In time, doctors have used various names for this method. But it is mainly known as Manual Punch. As the name suggest; it is managed by hand and  it contains inside a cylindrical blade. Scientific Follicle Holding Solution (Hypotermosol+ATP). Scientific essays report that this solution enables 99% graft liveliness in transplantations lasting more than 4 hours as compared to Saline solution or solutions such as Ringer Lactate. The most important point in FUE.

Liposomal ATP is used in DrT Clinic as both a post op spray and as an additive to the holding solution.





Many physicians feel Liposomal ATP has been a game changer with respect to improving survival in hair transplantation. Especially with FUE where the grafts are finer and more fragile , it is extremely important to use Liposomal ATP spray during the post op period to ensure maximum survival of grafts. Liposomal ATP is a solution that contains ATP in liposomes and is used to deliver ATP to tissue deprived of an oxygen and blood supply. It has the following benefits. After transplantation, the follicles exist in a state of ischemia that persists until angiogenesis restores oxygen tension in the wounded area. Liposomal ATP has several major effects:

• It supplies cells ATP to maintain the energy charge of the cell, and thus allow cells/follicles to remain viable during the post-transplant period;

• ATP is a potent vasodilator on dermal arterioles, which increases scalp blood flow to the area being treated;

• The lipid vesicles, once internalized by the cell, are an ideal energy substrate for proliferating cells.

HypoThermosol® Adoption in Hair Transplantation

HypoThermosol is increasingly being used by leading hair transplant physicians as an optimized ex-vivo holding solution for both the explanted tissue strip and dissected hair follicles. The formulation of HypoThermosol has been shown to extend the ex-vivo storage interval for these biologics, while maintaining viability and, according to our customers, in some cases, promoting faster engraftment of transplanted follicles. A series of comparative experiments on HypoThermosol and the standard saline solution were conducted by the research team at BioLife Solutions.

HypoThermosol reduces the harmful effects of “tissue reperfusion injury” by:

Scavenging free radicals

• Buffering osmotic gradient formation that causes shrinking and swelling in response to temperature changes

• Minimizing apoptosis and necrosis by maintaining proper pH, structural integrity, and ionic balance inside and outside the cell membrane


As the name suggest; it is managed by hand and instrument contains inside a cylindrical blade with a diameter of less than 1mm. the diameter of the ends of punches varies between 0.6-1.00 mm. Follicular units are removed manually from the skin by


Micro motor is a tool also called as FUE engine. As the name suggests this tool which contains a small motor inside is an electrical device with it’s special ends. Micro motor tool has different sizes ends, the diameters of these ends can range between 0,6-0,9 mm